CPME Design

CP Group companies design and build both our own MRF plants and our own equipment using the latest 3D modelling software.

CPME Build

We manufacture at our sites in the USA and UK before installing & commissioning on site.

CPME Service

We provide local aftersales spare parts, servicing and support including remote dial in diagnostics.

CPME Parts

Spare parts are held at our UK premises ready for immediate despatch.

CPME Thinking differently - making a difference

We know what it’s like to operate a MRF, we actually operate 1 ourselves! We take what we have learnt at our own facilities to develop and evolve our technologies to provide customers with the latest, most innovative, and profit making equipment.

CPME Innovate

CPME invests in and develops the latest technology so that customers can benefit from the resulting efficiency gains. From recent developments in optical sorting equipment to the complete SIMATIC mobile control of your plant, we are committed to innovation.

CPME Create

As part of the CP Group of Companies we create new technologies to meet the changing demands placed on our customers. This led to development of the mobile MCC (image left) which reduces downtime and the CP SyncDrive that greatly reduces the noise of our machines when running.


CPME recognises the importance to customers that we continue to support the equipment and plants we provide for many years to come and we go to great lengths to ensure continued customer satisfaction.


We’ve designed, manufactured, installed and commissioned over 400 MRF’s worldwide!
Use this tool to see where these are.

We’ve been so busy building MRF’s we’re still uploading these to the map and not all are there yet.


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