News 1March 2015
Live-in-MRF Research & Development

Working closely with our customers and supporting them not only helps them achieve highest possible performance but also helps us further develop our technologies based on real world experience.
We’ve just successfully completed another trial with another customer whereby we interchanged the internal disc design between two of our machines to increase the wear life with excellent results.

News 1February 2015
New Disc Design released

After a successful testing period of our new compound disc Biffa has taken delivery of the first 400 new disc type available to the UK market which will provide them with not only extended wear life but also exceptional material separation at high throughput.

News 1November 2014

All last month, all this month we’ve had people looking at nothing else than glass and fines and the results are impressive.
We can take MRF fines and clean them up to produce an outstanding glass product that any reprocesser would take, if you need to clean-up your fines give us a call and we can advise how to produce market leading material.

News 1October 2014
Post RWM follow up

All month and into next month we’ve been non-stop following up enquiries from the RWM at the NEC, and more are pouring in each day.
A lot of enquiries for upgrades to existing systems, with a few full-size new MRF systems that we can’t disclose too much about for the moment – watch this space!

News 1September 2014
Flying the flags at RWM at the NEC

With all the pre-arranged meetings at the RWM we needed additional help on the stand this year, and to represent the two sides of our business our new assistants made it more fun by wearing USA and UK flags.
The show was a huge success for us with more enquiries than ever and a lot of interest in our equipment for cleaning up MRF glass and fines as well as specialist High-Definition Near-Infra-Red optical sorting technology for WEEE and plastics.

News 1August 2014
Existing customer upgrades with more CP equipment

NEW installation at Pearce Recycling St Albans includes both the latest model of CP Glassbreaker with Sync Drive and chromium discs feeding the overs to the latest in high throughput Ballistic Screening the CP Ballistic Screen to separate 2D, 3D and residual fines.

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