Kerbside dry recyclables, typical process

As one of the first companies to manufacture single stream recycling systems we are recognised as a global leader in single stream recycling technologies. With a focus on accurate, high throughput separation, maximum uptime and the highest quality of output materials.

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CP OCC Card Screen

Automatically separates cardboard from other fibers, containers and debris – proprietary technology assures ultra-efficiency and long term durability.

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CP Glass Breaker & Separation

Positioned directly beneath the OCC Screen the Glassbreaker & separator simplifies the glass processing by breaking and separating glass at a highly efficient rate without pulverizing, heavy-duty and low maintenance.


CP Screens

Automatically separates newspaper, containers and mixed paper by means of patented disc screen technology for excellent separation.


MSS Optical Sorters

Optical Sorting Near-Infra-Red technologies to sort and clean up material streams for separated plastic types, glass by colour, paper, cardboard, wood, metals and WEEE. MSS optical sorters can provide up to 5 outputs from a single unit when utilising the Twin eject and Dual pass systems.

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A complete range of balers for all requirements and material types.